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Quality Starts From The Natural Seed.

When you buy seeds from GoFarmHemp it's a promise from our family to yours, a handshake that we will always deliver Quality and Integrity to each other.

Breeding and growing natural heirloom hemp cultivar's for farmers from all micro climates, is our core focus.
We love it, and we love sharing our knowledge about this wonderful plant.
From the best genetics for your micro climate, to the knowledge sharing of how best to farm hemp, we are here to help.

We have efficiently harvested this plant on large acreage as well as small acreage, from one acre to over 1800 acres.
We dry, cure, process and package this plant for sale, and we do that for other farmers as well.
We even have a buy back program for our hemp farmers, that utilize our genetics.
Our hemp strains will give you a finished composite level from 10% to 15%CBD with proper growing, harvesting, curing and processing methods.
Our farmers, breeders and family have been growing hemp for over 29 years.
We provide direct consultation with each and every fellow hemp farmer that purchases seed from us.
We don't know everything, but we are here to help you the farmer with the truth about how you can farm this plant naturally and efficiently.
Our seed germination is 100% Guaranteed.
Natural Hemp Seed Only, NO Genetic mutated, or altered seeds
At GoFarmHemp we only deliver healthy, viable seeds and seedlings.
We also deliver quality live hemp seedlings and cuttings for as little as $2.15 each
We Do Not Sell, or breed with genetics that have been modified, mutated or altered using Silver Nitrate, or Sodium Thiosulfate, or any other poisons pesticides or chemicals. We do not sell or produce biomass that is grown from mutated or genetically modified seed. All of our products are from plants that were grown using natural seed and clean sustainable farming.