Natural Seed Only

Hemp is a healing plant.  whole plant hemp delivers one of the best anti-inflammatory medicines in the world.

The medicine which is derived from hemp treats cancer, epilepsy, and countless other ailments of which we are only beginning to learn and understand.  If there is one plant which should not be compromised and/or subject to forced genetic mutations, it is hemp, especially when simple farm management will not only generate a successful natural crop, but a superior yielding crop grown for the harvest and utilization of the whole hemp plant.

We as a company grow natural dioecious seed with males and females present, the way it grows in nature.
The natural organic way is the only way in our opinion, let us be clear when we say organic we mean organic inputs into our soil. We are adding only organic inputs into our farming processes, in our opinion natural seed and organic matter into the soil is the only way to 
effectively grow hemp and save the soil.

Did you know hemp naturally adds these organic inputs into the soil as it grows?

Hemp is a renewable tree that can be harvested year after year without disrupting the soil.

Hemp can be utilized to create the same products that we are making from cutting down our trees.

We can stop cutting down old growth trees and start growing renewable trees also known as hemp.

When we farm hemp we can harvest it every year, all we have to do is grow it as it grows in nature providing us the solution to the situation we are currently experiencing.

Hemp flower contains as much as 25% to 35% pure plant based protein, and it also has a high concentration of essential fatty acids.
We don't want our food modified, we want organic 
natural food.

With our farming processes we plant it once and harvest our seeds year after year.

When you purchase natural seed you do it one time, and you have seeds every year that are climatized to your farm.

You can save your soil with hemp and we would be happy to help you.

Let's save our soil and grow good medicine, good food, renewable building materials and products the sustainable way with organic inputs as nature intended it to be grown, let's make it happen.


The hemp plant in its purest and natural form is the plant that can save and replenish our soil, while providing an economic solution to the farmer.
We believe natural heirloom hemp seeds and organic input farming processes will maximize the remediation of the soil on global level.

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