If you are farming hemp you should be inspecting your crop daily and testing weekly during the flowering stage for potency levels.
Growing hemp with natural seed for Natural Biomass versus growing for Natural Flower.
If you are growing hemp with Natural Seed, you will need to decide what end product you are growing for prior to planting, Natural Biomass or Natural Flower.
At Go Farm Hemp we grow dioecious hemp strains, this means one where the male and female reproductive systems occur on separate hemp plants.
While both plants produce flowers, one plant has the male reproductive parts and the other hemp plant has the female parts.
If you are growing dioecious hemp for "Natural Flower"you will need to identify and cull the male plants from the field, prior to the male pollen sacs opening up, otherwise you will have pollination.
If Pollination occurs, it will drastically reduce the amount of cannabinoids, terpenoids and yields of the flowering buds, as it will instead produce mostly seed.
Seeds begin to form after pollination occurs and the pollinated female hemp plant now focuses all of her energy on producing seeds.
If we are growing flower we do not want seeds, we want the oil, and specifically the oil from the flower that is produced when no pollination occurs.
So what are we looking for when identifying the male or female hemp plant?
The photos below should help you identify the sex of your dioecious hemp plant.
Pollen sacs = Male = Cull
Two Hair like formations are the pistols of the female flower.
Do not cull the females, let them grow and swell with oil, if you are growing for a natural flower crop.
Depending on where you are in the world, the time to cull the males will vary, In Colorado, North Carolina, New York, Virginia and Kentucky for example we start culling males as they begin to express themselves in the early part of July and we are finished with culling the males prior to the beginning stage of the flowering season at the end of August.
There is usually a four to six week time frame in which you will be identifying and culling the males from your field. 
Our protocol starts day one of the vegetative growth stage, and we continue to examine our plants as they grow, males tend to grow faster and more robust at the early stage of vegetative growth. We cull males because we do not want pollination if we are growing for flower.
Growing Hemp for flower with natural seed is labor intensive and no small task. We know as we grew over 1863 acres of hemp in five US States simultaneously in 2019, and 593 acres in 2018. 
Male Plant Below


Growing for Natural Biomass

If we are growing for biomass we do not cull the males, we let the field pollinate and harvest the natural hemp seed and flower together.
The Natural Go Farm Hemp Way.

This proprietary blend of top quality flower and protein rich seed and oil is the only ingredient in our Natural Whole Plant Hemp Powder.

We grow the hemp plant as it grows is nature.

We only sow natural heirloom genetics.

We sow our hemp seeds in a population density and planting configuration, that is conducive to a mechanized cultivation and harvest.

Our population density per acre, averages 25,000 natural female plants per acre.

We do not use GMO seeds, no mutated seed, only natural bred seed.

We do not use pesticides.


We do not use herbicide.

We use only natural IPM protocols (Integrated Pest Management) to control pest.

We do not use drip tape or plastic.

We grow on dry land as well as irrigated land.

The way we grow the hemp plant for biomass preserving the whole plant and using the whole plant from the roots to the very top flower, nothing is wasted everything is used.


Fiber, Flower, Cellulose, Terpenoids, Cannabinoids, we farm, harvest, and deliver Whole Plant Products Only.

We sow our seeds at a rate of 98,463 seeds per acre.

For further information on growing hemp for Go Farm Hemp please contact us, we are currently accepting contracts for the 2020 season.

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