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Growing with natural seed is not easy.
You WILL need to identify and Cull the males plants from the field prior to the pollen sacs opening up, otherwise you will have pollination.
If you are growing for biomass CBD flower, you do not want leave the males in the field, as it will cause pollination.
When you see the male pollen sacs form, and you have identified that the plant is a male, you must cull and remove that male plant from the field.
The hemp plant begins to show male and female expression at a very early stage, we can see it in week three of vegetative growth in most hemp strains that are dioecious.
Dioecious hemp strains, this means one where the male and female reproductive systems occur on separate hemp plants. While both plants produce flowers, one plant has the male reproductive parts and the other hemp plant has the female parts.
We need to cull the plants displaying the male reproductive organ.
cull the males as soon as you are able to identify them.
Do not wait, cull them, and make sure you don't miss any.
The pollen from one healthy male can pollinate MANY female plants.
So what are we looking for?
The photos below should help you identify the sex of your dioecious hemp plant.
Two Hair like formations are the pistols of the female flower.
Do not cull the females, let them grow and swell with oil, if you are growing for a CBD oil crop.
Depending on where you are in the world, the time to cull the males will vary, In Colorado for example we start culling males in the early part of July and we are finished with culling the males prior to the beginning stage of the flowering season August.
There is usually a four week time frame in which you will be identifying and culling the males from your field.
Our advise is to start day one, and continue to examine your plants DAILY.
This is not a plant and forget crop, it's not corn, wheat or soybeans, it is Hemp and it is Natural seed.
If you are farming hemp you should be inspecting your crop daily.
It's what good non GMO hemp farmers do, they pay attention to their plants, and they inspect them daily.
Male Plant Below