Did You Know?
Many hemp seed producers force feminization of seeds, by chemically  mutating female
plants so they morph male parts. This is done by spraying with toxins like Sodium Thiosulfate.
Material Safety Data Sheet found here:


Toxins, that are known human genetic mutagens and not fit for human consumption.

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU INGEST any plant material that is grown from these altered plants and seeds? ARE THEY SAFE?

These seeds are not natural and definitely not heirloom, and instead are another form of chemically altered plant material.  



At Go Farm Hemp, we use only natural organic processes to create pure heirloom natural hemp seed cultivars, without altering the pure genetic lineage of our landrace strains.

This ensures consistency in the purity and quality of each seed, which creates superior crops. 


Superior In Yield, Health and Resistance to Pests and Fungus .

In addition, we ensure heirloom lineages survive to be enjoyed by future generations of hemp farmers.

For more information about the forced genetic mutation utilized in most seed feminization, here's a great article on the subject:


If the quality of your seeds and subsequent plant material is important to you, then using Go Farm Hemp's heirloom seeds and growing methodology is the natural choice.

Just say no to GMO hemp seeds by supporting heirloom quality NATURAL seeds by Go Farm Hemp.​

Available to Licensed Hemp Farmers, all strains fully certified and federally compliant with all US Hemp Laws and Regulations. We farm for the WHOLE Hemp Plant, and we do that with natural seed only.